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**AGM minutes will remain on line until February 2018



The Chairman opened the meeting at 2:00pm by welcoming everyone and checking that fire exits

were clear.  Members were asked if they had all checked in and had diary’s and raffle tickets if 


The Christmas lunch is fully booked.

The catering staff don’t have enough boiling water if we have a large number of members attending

the meetings, members were asked if they would accept a mug 2/3rds full so that everyone could 

have a drink and then if members wanted to go back for a top up they would be welcome to.  

Members did not object to this idea so it will be tried.

Chris the membership representative told members of a couple of scams to be aware of.

The guided walk in Canterbury has been put on hold until the Weatherspoons’ pub has been 

refurbished, and they are accepting bookings.  We will book as soon as we have notification; we 

are expecting this to be in May 2018.

The secretary reported a letter from the Ellenor thanking us for our donation of £950.00

There were 108 members attending today’s meeting.

Lyn is organising a trip to Dungeness and surrounding area, details will be published in the next 


Alistair has reserved 10 seats for the Bay of Roses Spanish holiday next year.

Chris Bull then entertained and informed us on “The One that got away”

After refreshments were served the raffle was drawn and the meeting closed at 3:35pm.



Janice opened the meeting at 2:05 pm by welcoming everyone.

There were apologies from Yvonne all other committee members were present

Matters arising from last meeting.  The suggestions for future visits included the Geffrye Museum,

Man- made wonders/ Essex and Ramsgate tunnels.  The Geffrye museum is closed for two years

for refurbishment but it will be kept in mind for the future.

The quiz night on Saturday 13th has 111 people attending making 14 tables.  Lyn is to contact 

Reliance re the order for fish etc.

Christmas lunch and social with 100 people was judged to be a comfortable number for the space.

There were a few concerns that the gammon was not cooked through but everything else was 

deemed good.  Dates are being looked at for this year.

Pam will circulate to committee members the revised draft welcome letter for comments.

Margaret is happy to keep the annual fee at £12.00.

Colin will be approached re membership cards.

Chris is still after feedback from members so will have a box on hand for suggestions at the next


Lyn has 30 members for her Dungeness trip.  

She has been looking for New Year’s Eve holidays but they have proved to be very expensive so

Jewels have been approached to see what they can offer.  

Lyn has also been trying to get info on the Wavely but no dates for this are available yet.

No lunch club as we have had nobody come forward.  We had hoped that a few members would

offer so would only have to organise one or two venues a year.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 3:30 pm



Janice opened the meeting at 2:05 by welcoming members.

Copies were available to members of last year’s AGM, while these were distributed to members who wished to re-read them Janice spoke of our 21st birthday party which on the whole was a success, the food being praised by everyone. The committee received thanks from a number of members.

Janice then brought the meeting back to order, the membership did not wish for the minutes to be read out so John Usher proposed, Pauline Mills seconded and the membership voted unanimously to accept the minutes as a true record of the meeting.

Margaret then presented the accounts which had been examined by Mr. P. Harding. After a couple of questions which were easily explained Brian Gridley proposed, John Dunford seconded and the members voted unanimously to accept the accounts.

Janice then took the floor to give her review of the year which she had to do from memory as she had forgotten to bring her prepared speech with her. The 21st birthday was mentioned and members were informed that the committee had in mind our 25th celebrations but this will only take place if we receive more help. Days out included a day out to Whickstead Park which we may repeat this year, Pocahontas and the Whistable Festival, we would like to take an evening trip on the Pocahontas with a Jazz band but the price for this may exclude it. Ascot was ok with a Christmas market which was very expensive, Hendon was a very successful trip this was a suggestion from a member with Kenwood House in the afternoon. Breakfast at Tiffanys, Sister Act were theatre trips locally rather than going to the West End. Thursford are having fewer people attending. A guided walk in London was very well supported and enjoyed with a meal provided at lunch time at Weatherspoons. This event was organised by a member Brian Gridley and another walk this year Broadgate to Liverpool Street has again been organised by Brian. 16 people went to Spain and had a good time. Turkey and Tinsel was a riot and very well supported. Bracklesham Bay site has been sold to developers for housing so we have had to cancel and refund money. Internal clubs with the book stall doing a sterling job in raising funds, the ladies were thanked for their efforts. The Bar-B-Que raised £750 for the Ellenor with thanks given to all who helped. This year we are going to try something different with a Picnic in the Park. Bowls both indoor and outside Kate being responsible for indoor was thanked for her efforts and Adrian who organised the outdoor bowls was also thanked. Adrian is standing down from the organising this year. The games afternoon has been renamed to Social afternoon and as it is being held in the Memorial Hall which has a lot more space different games are offered. Darts, lots of board games, scrabble, cards and table tennis. If anyone wants to play different games then please come along and we will find someone to join you. The Glee Club has been renamed and is now the Istead Swingers thanks were given to them all. Evening entertainment seems to be popular so this will be continued with quizzes, scattorgories and anything else we can think of. Christmas Lunch we did not receive any complaints so can only assume that this was the best one yet. This year’s lunch will be held on 15/12/2017 with Ray Spiller providing the music. Ten Pin bowling is still enjoyed the mixed team did well by winning the annual competition. Lunch club is organised by Yvonne who averages 25 members a month and does a lot of research into various venues, so thank you. Carol has been responsible for providing our refreshments at our meetings, Carol is standing down, thanks were given to all who keep us refreshed during the year.

A member asked about the responsibility of committee members so Janice explained the duties and invited members to come along to observe the committee members in action.

There were 109 people attending the meeting 5 were new members.

The raffle was drawn and there being no other business the meeting closed at 4:03.